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What do you do, anyway?    July 29, 2005

Peek at the home page of your website. Does it clearly state what you do? The lack of this basic information is a frequent web faux pas! Thankfully, it is a mistake that is easily remedied. This entry page is your most frequently visited website page and should be the place to pull your buyers in to learn more. The image reads, 'Who Me?'

  1. Use bullets to summarize products and services.
  2. Write colorful stories that demonstrate your uncanny insight into how your business helps solve problems.
  3. Add images to shore up ideas or lend clarity to your text.
  4. Offer printable coupons.
  5. Give visitors a reason to come back by providing information of value.

There are many ways to take a prospective customer from viewer to buyer. Let us help you come up with a campaign that creates customers.

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Magnetic Card Swipe Parsing

By Dawn Green, October 13, 2010
A step-by-step tutorial on how to parse data from a USB card reader in PHP using preg_match.
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