A Little Flash Adds Pizazz
Seven Things You Should Know

Since the Internet has made its way into most households, businesses, and schools, websites have evolved from flat, basic online information to creative works of art. Frequently, companies desire a website that stands out, something the reader will remember and share with friends. One way to achieve this goal is through the use of Flash Animation. Flash is the main software program which allows graphics to be set in motion.

Websites offering basic content can be transformed to emulate the target market. For example, a website geared for teenagers with Flash animation or motion graphics excites or intrigues the young viewer to want to learn more, giving the business a strong online presence.

In the past, Flash had been used as an "Intro" or "Splash Page" leading into the website itself. This is no longer considered an effective web design practice since the Flash can end up hurting the site in search engine effectiveness, but more importantly, it left viewers frustrated while watching an unwanted intro. At one point, we even had a hidden Flash intro when the user clicked on our logo to return them back to the home page, but these intros are a thing of the past. Flash is now tastefully integrated into the actual layout of the websites we create with rotating images or phrases that are important to the business.

See examples of Flash in our web designs:


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