Professional Website Redesign

Professional Website ReDesign

Competition on the Internet is fierce; having control over how your company is perceived will give you a leg up on your competitors. Functional, easily navigated, and attractive websites create a great first impression and may serve as the only measure of your company, where face-to-face customer service is absent.

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  • Small--even home based businesses gain equal footing to large storefronts with a professional website design.
  • Professional design fosters confidence in your customers' purchasing decisions.
  • Functional programming creates opportunities to solicit valuable feedback, facilitate purchases, or introduce new products or services to a ready market.

Before and After -- See the Results Yourself

Below are a few comparison websites. Click on each of the before and after website designs and ask yourself, "With which company would I have more confidence in doing business?"

Before After
EIEIO Inc. - 2008

The Original Design Website Redesign & Flash Animation
The EIEIO website redesign includes Flash Animation through 6 different web styles/layouts for each of their brands.

The Quilt Cottage - 2008

The Quilt Cottage Existing Design Website Redesign & ECommerce
The redesign of The Quilt Cottage web site includes a full eCommerce solution for online ordering.

Fesco, Ltd. - 2008

Fesco Petroleum Engineering Services Professional Website Redesign
Barcom Commercial - 2008

Barcom Original Website Professional Website Redesign
The Barcom website redesign includes a Flash banner with rotating images and a Flash photo gallery to display past projects.

National Forensic League - 2007

Initial Website Graphics - National Forensic League Professional Website Redesign - included Online Community
The National Forensic League is the high school speech and debate organization in the US. The website redesign incorporated an Online community, videos, polls, online contests and scrolling news in Flash.

Austin Woods - 2007

Original Web Page Design - Austin Woods Web Site Redesign
Austin Woods, a long-time search engine optimization client, was in need of some website updating. The website redesign incorporated newer pictures of his more recent work.

Pillar Custom Homes - 2007

Original Web Page Design Web Site Redesign
Pillar Custom Homes is an Austin luxury home builder who needed to represent themselves as such. Their website needed to attract a market of buyers for homes in the $500+ range.

Gourmet & Gadgets - 2007

Original Web Page Design - Gourmet & Gadgets Web Site Redesign - includes shopping cart
Gourmet & Gadgets took their online web presence to the next level by giving it a facelift with a website redesign and adding gift baskets for sale through their shopping cart.

Padre Island Church - 2007

Original Website Design - Padre Island Baptist Church Custom Website Redesign
Padre Island Church was most interested in a web design that had the feel of the Island as well as an easily editable website for schedule updates and pictures.

Churchill's Fireplace & Patio - 2006
Original Web Page Design - Churchill's in Austin Web Site Redesign - includes elegant Flash Animation
Churchill's Fireplace & Patio, located in West Austin wanted an updated web presence, so we redesigned the look and feel for a newer, cleaner, and more elegant design.

Texas Women Anglers Tournament - 2006
Texas Women Anglers Tournament is a Catch and Release women's fishing tournament out of Port Aransas wanted a revamped, pirate-like, fun, and interactive style using Flash as a large portion of their website redesign.

Atomic Tattoo - 2006

Atomic Tattoo benefited from the redesign of their website to incorporate a new logo and also to keep the site better update of their work in piercings and tattoos at all 3 of their Austin locations.

Chrome Pros Plating - 2005
Web Site before Graphic Redesign Website Redesign with subtle Flash Animation
Chrome Pros Plating was primarily interested in search engine optimization, but we felt that for optimum search engine rankings, website redesign was necessary to enhance the code and a new look was essential.

Consumer Credit Counseling - 2005

Original Website Design - Consumer Credit Counseling Custom Website Redesign
Consumer Credit Counseling of South Texas desired a vibrantly colored redesign of their website. The website is an example of a static design with transparent drop-down menus.

Thomas Products - 2005

Basic Website Design Website Redesign & Online Catalog
Thomas Products website redesign was geared specifically to search engine optimization and better increased ranking. The redesign displays an online catalog of fiberglass storage cabinets, which resulted in "top 3" positioning on all three major search engines for "fiberglass cabinets".

Carwash Consignment - 2004

Framed Website Design Website Redesign with Expandable Menus, Search capability, & Mailing List Manager
Carwash Consignment, a web pioneer with a website since 1999 which was created in-house using HTML frames with useful information, but lacked artistic design elements. Website redesign showcased a new design, custom software programming for product additions, and meticulous coding for search engine effectiveness.

Falcon Cabinet Door, Inc. - 2004
Original One Page Web Design Redesign included professional photography and new Graphic Layout
Falcon Cabinet Door went from a one page web site to a six page redesign, including photography, content creation and SEO.

Concrete Street Amphitheater - 2003

Original Website Design - Concrete Street Amphitheater Custom Website Redesign
For Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, an easily updatable web site was essential for the latest concert events. The web redesign remains in use today from February 2003.


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