Website Business 101

With businesses beomimg increasingly reliant on the Internet, learning how you can build a successful website is imperative. Our tutorial series, Website Business 101, aims to educate our clients on how to make the most of the web in today's business world.

Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business shares many of the same considerations as any business startup. Define your target market, create a budget, differentiate yourself from the competition, know your profit model, and base your business on something you are passionate about. Learn the principles of starting an online business.

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Building an Effective Website

Effective websites are more than splashy color and cool widgets. Building an effective website starts with creating content that attracts new visitors, and keeps others coming back. We want to understand your industry, demographics, sales trends, and future goals to help you create "content that's king!"

Tips for Ecommerce

You have a website in place, and now you are ready to effectively market and sell your products on-line. How do you start? Here are our top ten steps for successful ecommerce...

How to Make the Most of Your Website

Useful websites give visitors reason to come back or to share your web address with others. Visitors are potential prospects to whom you may sell products or services. So, look beyond "about us" statements, and contact or location information, and consider ideas that make your website useful to your audience.

Web Design Process

There are a number of factors in website design that affect the style, process, and price of your website. This tutorial will guide you in understanding the primary components of a standard web design.


Magnetic Card Swipe Parsing

By Dawn Green, October 13, 2010
A step-by-step tutorial on how to parse data from a USB card reader in PHP using preg_match.
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