Creating Useful Websites

Creating Useful Websites

Useful websites give visitors reason to come back or to share your web address with others. Visitors are potential prospects to whom you may sell products or services. So, look beyond "about us" statements, and contact or location information, and consider ideas that make your website useful to your audience.

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  1. Learn and apply basic search engine optimization techniques to help raise your search engine visibility.
  2. Display product photos or service information with pricing and purchase criteria, and use tie-ins to complimentary products on each page.
  3. Create tutorials to educate customers about your products and industry, and help guide them in buying decisions.
  4. Give customers the ability to purchase products after hours.
  5. Saddled with phone support? Take those frequently asked questions and create help files, and send the webpage links for customers to read as challenges arise. Augment the links with "Support Request" forms when customers cannot find answers to their questions.
  6. Allow customers to search database records for past or new orders.
  7. Create an online office system, and extend access to satellite offices.
  8. Place paper documents online for easy download and printing.
  9. Allow customers to pay invoices or settle accounts through a credit card interfaces.
  10. Offer "Get a Quote" forms to facilitate the purchase process for buyers.
Custom Website Designs And don't forget to use your web address in all advertising (Yellow Pages, billboards, and radio/TV campaigns), and be sure to add it to your email signuature. When a potential customer visits your website, you have an attentive audience that wants to learn more about your company. Useful websites help make sales!

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Small businesses need great service, superior customer support, and measurable results for their dollar. Our expertise lies in education to help our clients maximize their return on webiste investment. We encourage you to talk to our clients and take a moment to view our website designs. We are proud of our web page design results both in the finished appearance and in search engine results.

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Our staff handles all development aspects in-house -- from custom programming to email and web hosting, from graphic generation to web site content copy writing, from idea conception to search engine optimization. Our turnkey style has been built through years of effort that focuses on allowing our clients to focus on their business.

With offices in Austin and Corpus Christi, and actively serving San Antonio and Houston, we offer custom software development, web marketing and design to clients throughout Texas and the nation.

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