ThunderBits     December 9, 2005

Vivaaha = Wedding! Congratulations Manish and Manasi!

However stated, a marriage is the beautiful beginning of a new union. As I write this on December 9, 2005, Manish Ranade and Manasi Sahasrabudhe are enjoying the rites of vivaaha or wedding in Manish's homeland of India. After three years of knowing and working with this young man, it is my honor to be able to publicly announce our collective and heartfelt congratulations to the new couple. In a perfect world we would have been there to witness the exchange of vows. Instead, we will await the newlyweds with open arms and have our own celebration back here on American soil. Congratulations, you two!

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ThunderBits on Indian Weddings
Below is a list we compiled of some Indian words used to describe the steps of the 3-day wedding ceremony. One thing we have learned is that Indian weddings are true celebrations!

baarat - The wedding procession or arrival of the bride
- The decorated canopy under which the bride begins the ceremony. Probably similar to an alter in the U.S.
kanya danam
- The equivalent of "giving the daughter away" where the bride spreads tumeric powder on her hands under the direction of her father.
- The wedding ceremony where the priest ties the couple's garments together and rings are exchanged.
asmaarohana or shilarohana
- The couple circles a nuptial fire before mounting the stone to offer prayer and mutual love. The stone signifies the undying and steadfast nature of their relationship. Ends with
or seven steps together and the groom touches her heart in
- The couple is blessed and the celebration begins!


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