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By far, the single most important factor to the majority of our clients is that their website can't be found when doing a search for their products or services. This is achieved through Internet Marketing, or search engine optimization. When we design, from the ground up, every line of code in your website. Additionally every bit of content in the website is written with the goal of securing a top ten position in search engines. Other times, we take existing web sites and optimize them for the key phrases used in your business. We have achieved superb success!

If your website is not performing as well as you would like, or worse if you are unable to find your website on Google, let us work with you to get your business on the web and ranked by several different search engines.

Hughes Dermatology in San Antonio contacted us for a new and professional website design. We incorporated minimalistic Flash Animation into the banner of the website to enhance the appearance without distracting the reader. With a San Antonio market, Hughes Dermatology is now being listed in all major search engines with well over 1000 visitors per month. Thomas Products has found tremendous success in online product sales. When we initially began work on their existing website, our intentions were to achieve more favorable positioning on search engines. We then changed the design of the site and optimized it for Google and most other search engines. They now come up in the top ten in almost any type of fiberglass cabinets they sell. We are ecstatic for their increased sales generated because of the site.
Austin Woods has been with us now for almost 5 years and has undergone 2 website redesigns in that time to keep the site looking fresh and up to date. In the beginning, we worked solely to get the site found in Google for terms like, "custom etageres", "custom wetbars" or "high quality wood furniture" for a nationwide search ranking. Additionaly the site does well for a more local search engine presense as well in "custom furniture corpus christi" and "built-in entertainment centers corpus christi".  
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Magnetic Card Swipe Parsing

By Dawn Green, October 13, 2010
A step-by-step tutorial on how to parse data from a USB card reader in PHP using preg_match.
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