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ThunderBot - Search Engine Analysis Tool Virtually all websites have the opportunity to introduce their products or services to a nationwide--even global--audience. Yet with billions of web pages already accessible on the Internet and more added every day, finding any website via search engines can be the proverbial equivalent to locating that needle in a haystack. If your website cannot be found on search engines, you cannot sell to those searching for your product or service. Today, more than ever, assistance of a website developer with search engine optimization experience is vital to website success.

At Thunder Data Systems, we use a variety of tools to assess your current position on the Internet. From those tools, we are able to determine search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and measure your growth as we work to bring you to the top ten for various targeted search terms. You must be able to quantify results to make sure your SEO investment is worthwhile.

Our primary search engine analysis tool is exactly the same as that which your buyers use--search engines. After all, this is the real measure of success. Using the marketing terms for which you want your company to be found, we test your position going to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN--the three top search engines used today. In a rather time consuming and tedious fashion, we had been testing various key search phrases as defined by our clients' goals and recording our results--one term and one search engine after another.

Run ThunderBot Until one day, a light bulb went off! Hey, why not create this process as an automated application available at any time over the web? If we could, our work would be minimized and we could display results immediately. ThunderBot was born! Using a list of all the search terms we want to test, we simply input the phrases, check the search engines we want to test and wait for results. This allows us to directly measure SEO success and make certain that your site is bringing in visitors. Included in our results are: Screenshots from Statistics Program
  • DMOZ listing, when applicable
  • W3C validation results
  • Website backlinks
  • Google PageRank
  • Measure of competetiveness for a given search term
  • List and number of times similar terms were searched in the prior month
  • Positions in Google, Google Mexico, Yahoo, and MSN

In addition, our SEO clients have the benefit of another tool. Our statistics program tracks the searches done by actual visitors in various search engines that led potential buyers to your website. We use ThunderBot to measure each and every search term from any given month to find out how we are doing. Even better, our results are saved in our database for converting to visual displays on success. The results give us valuable feedback in creating new goals for the future.

Search engine optimization and gaining sales nationwide does not happen by accident. If you want to work with a company that helps you sell in our global market, provides the tools to measure your success, and helps plan an online marketing strategy for the future, we should be on the same team.


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