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When searching for a website developer, you will probably see several "cheap" websites for $199 and then $59/month for web maintenance. Unfortunately packages like these leave you at the mercy of a web developer for changes to your website.

How can you avoid the headache of long waits for website changes and high monthly web costs? An easy maintenance software called PmWiki can make life simple by allowing you to edit from any computer with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. Pay once and change your content and/or pictures whenever you need to!

Bart, a young pilot, traveled all over the world and created several short stories, took pictures of each new place, and documented his favorite locations. We created a unique personal website design to display his writing in an editable format so that he can add new pictures and stories as writes them.

Cynthia Holmes, an artist in Robstown, Texas, gave us an opportunity to create a web site that reflected the superior quality of her work. The graphic design was created using portions of her own paintings and the site itself is an online gallery of her work in paint, sculptures, and handbags. The editable software allows her to add new work, update the status of a given piece for sale, and will incorporate an online shopping cart to sell her paintings and purses through the site.

Accent Health Insurance was one of our original clients that started with us using a template design. After the realizing the capabilities of our editing software and search engine effectiveness, they opted for a website designed for a more business-like appearance. With the new look and feel of the website, he has seen an increase in interest for health insurance quotes.

Harris & Greenwell is a law firm in Corpus Christi displaying antique exerpts and legal texts from historical periods in dated languages.

Male Central Clinic of Corpus Christi, a partner of Planned Parenthood, had a vision for the design of their website. We utilized their ideas for a masculine design with Flash within the title of their site. After training, they are working to update their site as needed with little to no help from us.

Planned Parenthood of South Texas, also a non-profit, needed an attractive website at a low cost. We designed the site with editable navigation so they could add new buttons as needed with the same design as the rest of the site, keeping consistency in the design with future growth.

CC Family Services had an existing website with a web developer with which they were no longer in contact. On a budget, this non-profit needed an easy way to maintain their website information. Uninterested in a redesign, we converted the site in an editable format, made a few visual enhancements, and trained them on the software.

Magnetic Card Swipe Parsing

By Dawn Green, October 13, 2010
A step-by-step tutorial on how to parse data from a USB card reader in PHP using preg_match.
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