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In addition to website development and database programming, Thunder Data Systems offers an array of web based software products and services. Each of the Thunder Software Products is available as an online software for access-anywhere functionality. Complete customization and integration with your existing software such as Quickbooks or Excel, and online access through handheld mobile applications are available. Please call us to learn more.

ThunderTix Box Office Ticketing

ThunderTix Online Box Office Ticketing Online box office ticketing allows churches, schools, and entertainment venues to offer print-at-home tickets for the convenience of their customers and reduced overhead for venues. This full featured software integrates mass email marketing, complete customer database, pick-your-own seat choices, direct deposit of profits, and low cost. ThunderTix has become the premier choice for small venues and non-profits looking to maximize functionality while reducing costs.

ThunderTracker Timetracker and Support Program

ThunderTracker gives businesses the tools to manage support requests and track client communication. Without a comprehensive time management tool, businesses risk failing to meet customer expectations, and the proper time tracking for invoicing is at risk. ThunderTracker includes the following tools:

  1. Multiple user profiles
  2. Customer communication recording
  3. Sales tracking
  4. Daily time management
  5. Ticket support request management
  6. Full reporting
  7. "To Do" list

To learn more about ThunderTracker, call us to learn more.

ThunderCart Ecommerce Application

ThunderCart provides the mechanism to easily sell products online. Customers can add, edit, and remove items at any time, as well as categorizing their products within their website on one page or across multiple website pages. ThunderCart includes the following features:

  1. Up to 4 Drop-Down Options per product
  2. Automatic product thumbnail and enlargement
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Sales Tax charged only within business state
  5. Customizable Shipping Rates

To learn more about ThunderCart, see our page on eCommerce shopping cart software.

ThunderCAT - Catastrophe Claims Processing Software

Information coming soon.

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