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Our self-editing websites templates offer an excellent, maintainable, and inexpensive way to get your website off the ground.

  • Easily edit all content without knowledge of HTML and no need for special software.
  • Add new pages, links, and documents at no extra charge!
  • Self-editing means no maintenance fees.
  • Superb documentation helps you make the most of your editable website.
  • Websites include first year hosting charges!
  • Great for business, professional, or personal use.
  • So easy to edit and maintain that even novice Internet users attain success!

And every website template comes backed with our incredible support!

Happy Days | $625 Young But Professional | $695 Feelin' Sporty | $625

The Color Green | $625 Feels Like Sprinnggg! | $625 Feels Like Fall | $625

Time for a Picnic | $625 It's Black and White | $625 In Tune with the Earth | $625

Red, Red Wine | $695 Minimalist | $695 In Touch with Nature | $695

Variable Color Templates

Each of these templates has different color variations available.
Find a layout you like and browse the color varieties available.
We're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Cityscape Business Designs - $695
Just Off Center (with Stripes!) - $650
Bridge to Terabithia
A Clockwork Orange
Emerald City!
The Color Purple
Pinstripe Suit
The King's Red Suit
Yup, Another Suit (In Blue)

Left-Aligned Designs - $650
Center Placement Designs - $650
Song, Sung Blue (Everybody Knows One)
Luck-O-the-Irish Green
One of the Two Colors that Make Green
Grey with a Splash of Taupe
July Birthstone Gift Idea :-)

Tri-Panels Designs - $650
Tri-Panels, Act II - $650
Emeralds and Coal
Stormy Weather
A Hint of Royalty
Island of the Sol
Oh, No, Not Another Blue!
Just a Hint O' Green
A Cup of Java
Custom Software - What You Need To Know
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Magnetic Card Swipe Parsing

By Dawn Green, October 13, 2010
A step-by-step tutorial on how to parse data from a USB card reader in PHP using preg_match.
Read the Tutorial


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