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We know that you may have seen other website templates on the web for as little as $50. Why are their templates so cheap, and why are our prices higher? Let's compare what is included between a "cheap" website template and one of our templates:

  1. Our templates come with a self-editing software that will allow you to make changes to the website from any computer anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

    *Their templates require you to buy a software package like Dreamweaver or FrontPage which can cost anywhere from $200-400.
  2. We will include basic hands-on training on how to use the software. We will help you initially add your business name, logo and slogan. No prior knowledge of HTML is necessary. Changes are as easy as typing in a Word program.

    *With FrontPage or Dreamweaver you will receive no training. The only training you will receive is reading the directions that come with it; Support from the web design company can be purchased at an extra charge. Basic knowledge of HTML will be necessary.
  3. We provide friendly and knowledgeable support along with easy-to-use help files for making changes to the site. No FTP software is required. Changes are seen immediately.

    *Website template design companies do not offer support free of charge. All changes made using HTML maintenance software will require an FTP program for the ability to upload to the Internet. This will cost anywhere from $60-100.
  4. The first year's hosting is included in our price.

    *Hosting will be yet one more additional charge usually costing $100/year and up.

Suddenly that great $50 website doesn't seem so cheap or great. With all the necessary software, hosting and support, the template will end up costing between $500-1000 and an enormous headache (free of charge, of course).

Located in Corpus Christi and Austin, a short drive from San Antonio, we offer an array of services for your computer needs. From custom software development to web page design and hosting, our experts will work with you on your project needs and explain all the details in a language you can understand.

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