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Rails validation error not displaying – validates_presence_of, error_message_for

Rails gotcha doesn’t display validation errors when using redirects after validation execution. Change the redirect to “render :action => ‘method'” to handle error display.

Catch-all Routes in Rails

On one of our projects we were porting over a legacy application written in PHP to Rails. A lot of the application’s users accessed the site with bookmarked pages. So we wanted to redirect users when we saw specific words like “buy” or “.php”, so customers were not left staring…

Feeling Lucky

Nicholas writes clean, elegant code.  Paul contributes beautifully to interface interaction.  Scott is a master of programming languages, and Manish and Manasi possess an enviable stick-to-itiveness attitude.  Then there’s me. Fumbling as I am in learning Rails and attempting to pick up Scott’s reigns, I realize that I have been…