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After websites are designed and coded, there are still a few more necessary steps needed before the site can be seen on the Internet. All websites require two components:

  • A domain name
  • A place to call home–a web server or web host.

Domain The domain name is the name that generally ends in .com or .org and is typed into the address bar at the top of the browser window. For example, you may have typed in to arrive here.

The address is like a name in a phone book. Nameservers are computers on the Internet that look up the name and point the name to an IP address similar to a phone book with corresponding phone numbers to phone listings. The IP number points to a computer that is the website’s home–the web server. The web host or web server is a computer that is always connected for the purpose of serving web pages.

Email addresses work much the same way using different protocols. If the goal is to appear more professional, consider using an email address that corresponds to your domain name such as

Give us a call for more information–or if you didn’t understand our explanation! :-)

Thunder Data Systems offers domain name, website and email hosting at competitive rates: just $28 per year for domains and hosting prices starting at $35 per month. Couple that with the best service in the industry and you get a host that cannot be beat.

Setting Up Your Email

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