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Information Group of America (IGOA)

With any car dealership, there is a bank or lender. Their lenders must know the status of all vehicles that are on theContact Us lot. To accomplish this task, they assign one person to run an audit on-site by going from car to car writing down the VIN numbers found inside the door with various sets of keys to open each door. When they compile their list of VINs for all cars on the lot, they then compare each VIN with the paper list of cars provided from the Lender. The entire audit can take several hours to conduct.


The Information Group of America wanted a simpler, faster solution to conduct each audit in returning information to the Lenders. They came to us with the idea of integrating Bar code scanners to retrieve the VIN data from the car window without having to open the vehicle. They wanted some way to be able to scan all the vehicles at one time and then check the information collected with the list from the Lender. So, we created a web based software application automate much of an auditor’s task. The software allows an auditor to use a wireless bar code scanner to get each VIN through the car window or manually key in the number if the bar code does not scan for any reason. The auditor then downloads the total list of VIN numbers to their assigned audit within their own login area. The software now compares the previously uploaded Lender list with the list of VINs from the auditors, flagging any missing vehicles. At any time, a Lender can also login through the site and check the status of an audit, post additional vehicles to an existing audit, and search missing cars from previous audits.


A process which had taken several hours is reduced to the time it takes to scan the vehicles and connect the scanner to a computer.