Thunder Data Systems

About Thunder Data

Who We Are & What TDS is About

Mission Statement

Thunder Data Systems believes our success is a natural extension of the growth realized by the companies and organizations with which we work. Therefore, we focus on delivering to our customers products and services that increase their profitability or efficiency. Using research, knowledge, and expertise, we strive to offer professional-grade services to small and mid-size companies.


give us a callEthically, our members strive to build an organization whose products, reputation, and client commitment inspires companies to do business with us; potential employees to seek positions with us; and causes competitors to emulate our practices. Moreover, we want the name, Thunder Data Systems, to be associated with and exemplify commitment, honesty, and excellence. Financially, our adherence to ethical goals will translate into growth and success for the company, and rewards for those members who demonstrate a commitment to diligence, hard work, and self-improvement.

Core Values

Thunder Data Systems is guided by four core values:

  1. Each member of the TDS team will strive to become an expert in our respective fields. If we are leaders in our areas of expertise, we will be leaders in our field.
  2. We believe that educating our customers allows them to make informed decisions concerning the work performed by Thunder Data Systems on their behalf, thus ensuring that intended objectives are met.
  3. Our working relationship with each company should mirror that of partners. In so doing, we will find thrill in their every success or incremental growth.
  4. Honesty and Integrity are essential values that will not be compromised under any circumstances.