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Custom Logo Design

If you are interested in setting up a website for your small business, but you do not yet have an business/corporate identity, leave the creativity and abstract of custom logo design to us. At Thunder Data Systems we understand how important the company image is to your prospective customers, and we are prepared to help small business owners develop a professional identity. Don’t underestimate the importance of branding in the success of your company. A simple way to judge the impact of proper branding is to look at the most successful companies in the world. What is the first image in your head when you think The Coca-Cola Company? How about Nike? Apple Computers?

Logo design

At Thunder Data Systems we can help you with the development of your identity. After all, why deal with one company for logo design, another for web page design, one for letterhead design, and yet one more company for flash design when the TDS team is capable of developing your company’s branding in all of those areas and more? Our resident graphic artist and designer will get to know your company, it’s inner workings and finer details, while also conversing with you in order to develop a professional corporate logo and image that best fits your company (and is most attractive to your customers).

How Does it Work?

After an initial pricing and order placement, our graphic artist will begin researching your company, as well as a number of competitors in order to formulate custom design ideas for your logo. A number of different logo designs will be sketched and presented to you, the business owner, for your approval.

After you review and choose the logo design that best reflects your intentions for the business, we will further develop and revise the logo design using your guidance and suggestions.

The custom logo design will be again submitted to you, the owner, for any minor changes, after which our team will work on developing the final product. Lastly, when all the revisions are completed, your logo design files will be submitted through email or sent to you on a disc for continued use in advertising and print.

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