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Business Consultation

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Small business. The federal government describes small businesses as those with less than 500 employees. Your business may be a team of two. Or even one. But regardless of your size, when it comes to website development, your business follows the same basic model of large Fortune 500s–introducing or selling products and services using the web.

Internet advertising is unlike any other media. You have seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. Split seconds to generate more than a passing glance before visitors bounce back to Google to peruse the next round of search results. Learning how to slow our visitors down is an art form and science based on experience.

Internet marketing strategies focus on two themes: rapidly generate interest in your product, and finding your way into top ten results on search engines. It is vital that your website developer understand your market and products in order to achieve website success. If your website’s price was right, but your results are poor, you’ll wish you spent your money elsewhere.

Website Success Stems from Us Understanding You

At Thunder Data Systems, we want to learn about your products, understand your clients, and find out what makes you and your company tick. Then we will help you define Internet marketing goals and advertising ideas using professional designs with great functionality.

Thunder Data understands small businesses because we are one of them. We have learned the nuances of the web that help us to perform well on search engines which perhaps, helped lead you to this page. Our graphic talent and programming capabilities compliment our greatest asset–knowledge. Whether your company has aspirations to be among the Fortune 500s or if you only hope to grab a small slice of your market, we’d love to be a part of your plan.