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Custom Website Design

The Design Process

Concept & Layout

click_here_more Every website we develop is custom designed so that it will look unique in its layout and style. Our graphic artist will learn about your business by discussing with you desired colors, your target audience, sites you’ve seen and liked, and design options. After our initial design questionnaire, within 3-4 days we will draft our ideas into an actual website layout of how the site will appear with sample links, text and graphics and provide it to you as a image link online.


After reveiwing the design, you will have the option to request modifications to overall layout, colors, fonts, etc. You may find that we have nailed your ideal design on the first try and approve it immediately. Otherwise, you can submit your changes for up to three rounds of revisions. Once the web design is finalized and approved, the image is cut up into smaller images and coded into html to make it a functioning website.

Updating Content

Into every website design, we integrate a web editing software, or content management system, that will allow you to edit and update the information on all of your web pages at any time. There is no limit to the length of the pages or the number of pages within your site. No prior knowledge of html, web design, or programming is necessary, and in fact simple proficiency in word processing is more than sufficient. Training on how to edit is provided at the end of website development to the person(s) in charge of website maintenance either in person or by phone using a virtual network connection. Help documentation is included for future use if needed and support is available by phone.


In order to utilize PmWiki for editing, website hosting is required on our server. Our hosting packages include unlimited editing to your site, email accounts, and editing support.


Unfortunately, building a website does not insure that anyone will see it. Today’s websites have to be attractive, get started today exciting and new. How do you choose a web developer? Find a web designer experienced in helping other businesses achieve success. If You Want to Succeed on the Web, Choose a Successful Website Designer.

Successful web developers know how to combine the old ideas that work with the latest technology. The last thing you want is to build a relationship with a web designer and outgrow them. We can offer any service or idea to grow your site.

Web Design Services Offered

Remember that nothing signifies your potential success like the success of those that came before you. Call us today at (877) 252-8369 for ideas on how we can help your company grow!