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Content, Content, Content

We direct most of our search efforts towards Google listings. Google is the single most accessed and comprehensive search engine in the world. If you perform searches for “fiberglass cabinets”, Thomas Products should appear in Google’s first page listings as this phrase has been repeated several times throughout the entire site.

While appearing in the top 10 is always a positive, our goal is to have those results using generic terms rather than brand identities. For example, type in “custom wet bars” and you will almost certainly find that this very generic term will yield our Austin Woods site will yield a top ten placement in search pages. Try that for “custom etageres” and you’ll see the same results. These are very generic terms that are not geographically explicit. To get those results on a global scale is tremendous and has given our clients great web site success.

Our search placement efforts produce real results. Try searching for “custom software Corpus Christi” and our website is almost always number one.