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Logos That Sell

Logos That Sell

Are Logos Important?

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Great logos drive sales and increase profit margins buy building and promoting brand recognition and awareness. In addition to generating interest in your product or company, an eye-catching logo buys a great first impression; the reason that the buyer chose your company over your competitors.

Logos as an Investment


Virtually every major company in the world has spent considerable time and money creating logos to represent their vision, technology, or quality of their products. Nike, Apple Computers, Coca-Cola have all placed a great deal of time and energy into designing and then refining their logos. Why? Because a logo serves as the first and lasting impression of a company on their potential customers. Logos signify strength or grace, daring or restraint, conservatism or creativity.

What Makes a Great Logo?

So, what makes a great logo? The fundamental elements are easy to explain, but the perfect end product can be difficult to attain. A great logo has the ideal blend of color, style, and symbolism and reflects the ideals or purpose of your business. But what works for one company, may not work for another, thus it is important that your logo appeal to as wide a demographic as is relative to your business.


mcdonalds is the premier design element impacting your potential customer, thus choosing the proper color scheme is paramount to your design. You must remember to keep the color scheme simple, bold, and comprehensible. The optimal logo design is based on 3 flat bold colors not including black or white. This improves the general recognition of the logo as well as being optimal for use in a spot-color printing process for any future promotional materials such as business cards, letterhead, or signage which will decrease expense and turnaround.

Style and Font

hasbro What does your logo’s style say about your product? Take for instance the styling of Hasbro’s updated logo. The simple yet stylized font and colors are reminiscent of a children’s method of play while the two arced strokes under the font are reminiscent of a child’s smile. Similarly, it is important that your logo appropriately reflect your target market. Be aware that the Hasbro logo is a perfect example of a design that reflects play and childhood while still remaining appropriately professional. The impression that your logo exudes will go a long way towards assuring your customers that they are dealing with the correct company for their needs, be it a bite to eat or a new automobile.


fedex The last and possibly most lasting element of a great logo the inclusion of symbolism in the branding. This is a time tested design strategy that is used by the most successful organizations in the world. Take for example the logo for Apple Computers. Although inherently simple, this logo uses the widely recognized symbol of an apple to represent knowledge and wisdom, two qualites that Apple electronics hopes to impress upon their customers. Connecting symbolic meaning to your logo can convey more to your customers than a complete mission statement, all within a fraction of a second. Additionally, symbols can be absorbed into the consciousness without the consumer even being aware that they have been influenced. After all, it’s worked for FedEx since 1994 and you are probably not even aware of it…

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Ultimately, creating the right logo is something akin to find the perfect mix of science and art. The process of logo design is, for the most part, best left up to those who understand the very fine and intricate ways in which art, design, and marketing can be used to influence the general consumer. However, Thunder Data Systems is dedicated to helping small business owners compete on as level ground as is possible with those marketing behemoths.

I hope this article has been informative in your research involving logo design. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us about your new logo. Until then, happy hunting!