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Below are summaries of a few of the web applications that we have developed over the years. Most custom programming is done in Ruby on Rails or PHP, but we are versed in all languages. Contact us for a free quote on your custom software project or concept.

Online Ticketing Software – ThunderTix

Ticketmaster has been the traditional choice for concert venues and other entertainment businesses to handle online event ticketing management because of the ease and reliability of service provided to the customer. With the growth of the Internet for virtually any purchase, online event ticketing is no exception. ThunderTix, online ticketing software was initially created in 2005 in PHP. With the birth of the new programming platform, Ruby on Rails, ThunderTix is now in its second version as a Rails software.


The most significant advantage to ThunderTix lies in the reduction of convenience fees added per-ticket using an Internet ticketing system like Ticketmaster. Convenience fees, processing fees and other associated costs which once represented lost income to entertainment venues are translated into higher profit margins per event ticket sold. The new profit made from keeping the online ticket fees virtually pays for the cost of ThunderTix monthly ticketing service.

ThunderTix is the solution for selling tickets online without an outside ticketing service. Using ThunderTix built into a client’s existing website, customers can purchase tickets for the desired event using secure credit card processing with minimized or no per-ticket fees.

The website programming for ThunderTix online ticketing system is designed with an administrative control panel which allows the venue manager to add, edit, or delete events, sell season tickets, view detailed reporting, store customer information and more.

Web-based Tournament Scoring – National Forensic League


The National Forensic League is the preeminent honors society program devoted to speech and debate among high school students. The results of hundreds of tournaments held each school year are tracked in this online application as students vie for a spot at the organization’s National Tournament. Student participation and acheivement earns awards in the form of “points”, while those points earn coach, school, and district honors. This complex application moved this nearly 80 year old organization into the digital age, and allowed the NFL to devote staff to new online activities. (Learn more about the tournament scoring program and the NFL.)

One of those new endeavors resulted in the NFL’s online community. A MySpace for speech and debate devotees, users collaborate and discuss about the finer points of their passion. With forums, polls, and streaming video, this social networking application created another avenue to market the NFL and their products, and forensics participation.

Online Auction and Bidding Software – View Equipment

View Equipment

Technology changes affect the telephone industry like few other fields, and the cost for change is most evident in hardware and other infrastructure. Yet hardware changes have not rippled across the entire system equally, and the latest computer driven systems interface with older–even antiquated–telephone equipment throughout the planet. Finding out-of-date components is a significant challenge to those who sell and service these systems.

View Equipment set out to pair buyers and sellers of equipment by building a comprehensive database of parts, and facilitating the communication and purchase of those parts. Because components had multiple iterations or improvements with multiple and corresponding part numbers, and because varying manufacturers had differing ID numbers for the same part, the task was a complex one.

With the web-based database armed with cross-reference tables, images, and shipping data, Thunder Data designed a purchase and requisition tool with prices that fluctuated with the market. The extensive application incorporated functionality to bid on and purchase components with “name your own price”, “reverse auction”, and general auction capabilities. The end result for View Equipment, was a thorough web-based auction program that set the bar for online auction programming.

Online Lost and Found Application –


Protecting against loss for expensive electronic gadgets, is one of the goals for the founders of U-Found, an online “lost and found” software application and website.

Members purchase sets of uniquely identified decals to place on key rings, phones, or other valuables. In the event the item is found, the tags connects “finders” with “losers” via the U-Found website.

This complete online application requires no sales staff or phone support–a significant obstacle to profitability. And the addition of administrative tools and affiliate marketing opens up opportunities for additional revenue beyond the decals themselves.

Searchable Database of Quotes/Articles – Harris & Greenwell

Harris & Greenwell

Harris & Greenwell is a law firm based out of Corpus Christi with a unique passion for the historical written word. The website is used not only to list the areas of law practiced and provide contact information about the attorneys, but also as a repository of articles, quotes, and other law documents.

The “fun” part of their website uses a secondary website design for a very clean wikipedia-style look. The quote database is a listing of famous quotes which include the quote itself, a brief description and an attribute for the source of the quote. All areas are easily editable by the Harris & Greenwell staff and also allows for administrative editing to post new articles, pages, pictures, and pdfs. All sections of the quote database are quickly searchable by key word(s).

Online Quote Request Database – Kitchen on Wheels

Online Quote Request Database

Kitchens on Wheels manufactures mobile vending trucks and trailers for concessions, catering, and restaurants. Each mobile kitchen is equipped with some base features, but like any car can grow to be “fully loaded” with every kitchen/cooking upgrade imaginable. From under-the-counter refrigerators and freezers to espresso machines and powerful generators, an Kitchens on Wheels unit is made to order using an online request for quote. Learn more about this quote request database software and the Kitchens on Wheels unbelievable growth since February of 2006.

Barcode VIN collection Software – IGOA

Barcode data collection software

Automobile dealerships rely on mass sales in an industry that offers slim profit margins. Much of the capital needed for this high cost business comes from lenders, and those lenders, in turn, rely on the efficient collection of sold vehicle data to make their own profits.

Information Group of America, or IGOA, enables the banking industry to monitor outstanding liens through the innovative use of wireless bar code scanners. Auditors assigned to monitor the automobile dealer’s lots use the scanners in “walk throughs” where VIN numbers are collected by scanning VIN tags visible from a car’s windshield.

Lenders use their own unique logins to upload dealer and lien information. Auditor data is compared against this list to instantly provide pertinent data on sold, rented, or missing vehicles. The barcode VIN collection software allows for expedient reporting, and efficient data collection saving all parties time and money.

CRM & Quickbooks Integrated Cart – Carwash Consignment

Quickbooks integrated cart

Early communications with Astromatic defined a project scope which entailed website redesign, search engine optimization, and web-based database programming for inventory. While the intentions for the website were for increased web traffic through redesign and optimization, what was more important to the company was a solution for organizing stacks of folders, papers, and documentation that were scattered throughout the office.

With this problem in mind, we programmed online folders throughout the website for the site administrators to enter in all necessary information about each piece of equipment to be sold. When the particulars of a certain item, buyer, or seller needs to be found quickly, searching is now reduced from folder to folder in the physical office to a simple search through the office management system by any word or phrase.

Office Automation Software – Thomas Engineering

office automation software

Thomas Engineering offers energy analysis services for several large business requiring significant energy use for effective operation. Profitability is dramatically effected for these clients due to energy demands tied to peak usage times when energy costs are highest.

Relying on Excel spreadsheets housed on hundreds of files, gathering data prior to analysis had become a daunting task. Additionally, no mechanism existed to review the data from remote locations.

The online software for energy analysis allows for the automatic upload, manipulation, and access of all energy use data. Using tools provided from the ExtJS libraries, the slick user interface provides built-in functionality similar in scope and responsiveness to Microsoft Excel in an attractive display. In addition, the built-in features provide easy manipulation for his client users who can remotely access their data.

This office automation software allows Thomas Engineering to focus on improving their responsiveness and effectiveness rather through the consolidation and one-click search and analysis process.

Insurance Adjuster Database – Brush Country Claims

insurance adjuster database

Brush Country Claims is an independent insurance claims adjusting company in South Texas and Louisiana. Brush Country processes insurance claims for major catastrophe such as a hurricanes, tornados, or other accidents that require an insurance claim adjuster at the scene of the event. In the event of a potential upcoming, or foreseen catastrophe like a hurricane, Brush Country staff prepares by contacting each insurance adjuster to find out if they are going to be available at the projected date of landfall. We created a custom online database for the quick retrieval of insurance adjuster information as well as an SMS alert from the website to each cell phone number stored.

Online Scheduling Application – Legacy Heart Care

online scheduling application

Legacy Heart Care, a heart rehabilitation facility in Austin and Dallas, provides EECP® (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) treatment for patients with coronary artery disease. Prior to actually scheduling a daily time slot for their rehab treatments, Legacy processes a checklist of tasks that must all be completed. From obtaining medical records to recording the referring physician, the Legacy staff checks off when each item has been fulfilled, along with the date and initials of the employee entering the data. Legacy notates attempts to obtain items in the checklist or other historical information beneficial for in-house staff to view so that work is not duplicated.

Patients no longer attending the facility are archived from the active patient list. Both offices can easily view all current patients and their status in the processing of each patient. Once all items in the checklist have been fulfilled the patient gets transferred to the scheduling application for treatment and is notated as to the projected start date and clinical diagnoses. Patients are scheduled to both a time slot and a room for 35 consecutive treatments. The application allows drag-and-drop scheduling of all 35 appointments to begin on the desired day.

Educational Software & Essay Grading – Triplet Ticket

educational software

Dr. Nancy Drew, AP English teacher at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, called us after thumbing through the long list of yellow page listings wondering if we could create an online educational testing software from a hard copy of her self generated standardized high school English tests. This was no small task–the book came with 13 “triplets” (2 essays and an image corresponding to the pair of essays), each of which had multiple choice questions, short answer responses and an essay.

We configured this well-thought-out book of preparatory English tests into a superior TAKS testing software that not only allows the students to take the tests online, but also grades the multiple choice, short answer, and essays then sending the supervising teacher their scores via email. The tests were created in preparation for the English portion of the minimum proficiency tests, or the TAKS, required for high school graduation in Texas; However, the online testing system is an online testing solution for all performance-based state tests in the United States. To see an example of what have created, try a sample English, standardized test online and find out if your literacy skills meet minimum level required for high school exit exams.

Diagnostic Database Software – Coastal Bend Chronic Pain Center

When Dr. Donald A. Rhodes of the Coastal Bend Chronic Pain Center first contacted us, he had a visionary idea for the creation of a web-based database software. Dr. Rhodes invented and patented the physical therapy treatment, which is utilized in the STS units built by Dynatronics, Inc. He has been directing the day-to-day alterations of the application of the treatments to his patients. In order to make the physical therapy treatments available through other doctors throughout the US, he wrote all the protocols for the treatments and had been communicating via telephone with all physicians using his STS units with their patients.Diagnostic Database Software

Dr. Rhodes wanted to begin moving away from assigning directives over the phone by allowing physicians and patients to access the same information through our web based software. The plan is for physicians worldwide to be able to log into the system through the website, then have their patients login, and finally enter all symptoms of chronic pain with its corresponding severity on a scale of 1-10. The patient then localizes on a body grid where the vast majority of their pain is felt, indicating any additional discomfort felt on the day of treatment.

The physical therapy software we created then analyzes all data entered and returns a protocol guiding the doctor and patient on how to use the STS units and the attached electrodes for each protocol. Throughout the process all information entered by the patient and the final protocol returned at each treatment will be saved and stored in a comprehensive database for future use and research. We also altered and optimized his existing website for higher search engine rankings.

Online Integrated Database & Shopping Cart – Diskovery Educational Systems


Diskovery Educational Systems, Corporation, one of our Florida based clients, had grown faster than they anticipated. Their original database did not mesh with their later developed web based system and they found themselves using a tedious process of database input, data transfer to other software systems, and final upload to the Internet for customer search. We integrated all of their ideas and built a powerful custom database application online, which allowed for total administrative control from any web page browser. Because the data no longer relied on uploads when someone “got around to it,” inventory numbers were always accurate and precious time was saved.

Online Car Dealership Software – Auto Searchers

Auto Searchers is a relatively new business in Corpus Christi; their business allows car dealerships throughout South Texas to add their new and used cars to the online dealership database which then displays car information and images on the website. auto searchers

We created custom database system in which dealerships sign up and receive a dealer login, allowing them administrative access to add and delete new/used vehicles to the automobile database system. The dealers have the ability to enter all pertinent information regarding make, model, mileage, etc. and a location to upload a picture of the actual car. The website has search function so that the consumer can search for vehicles based upon make, model, type, price, year and whether it is new or used.