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Goosle Eggs

Google and the Missing Goosle-eggs October 21, 2005

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Google stands atop the search engine rankings. Why? Because every searcher looking for appropriate information knows that the search results returned by Google will be relevant. Google makes a living because they are the best at search. This has allowed them to parlay search into myriad other products for sponsored listings and desktop applications that make one time king-of-the-hill, Microsoft, rather irrelevant.


But their success has its foundation in basic search. Google strikes from its index any website that simply does not hold value to their users. So, if you wonder why your website performs poorly for keywords and phrases applicable to your business–especially if they are geographic searches in your own backyard, then you have to ask yourself, “Does my website have value to our customers?”

If your website is one page, made up primarily of images with no descriptive content, does not help your potential customers make buying decisions, or in the most egregiously poor cases, only contains your business card information, then your site will forever wallow so far back in the listings that continuously clicking the next page results may never yield your web address. You don’t want your website to be a Goosle-egg.

Creating a great website is straightforward: either invest your time in writing some informative content or hire a company that will do it for you. (Hint: At Thunder Data, we actually employ researchers, copy writers and graphic artists that will do it for you. :) If you take these steps, you will convert visitors to buyers!


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