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Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky

There’s more than one way to get lucky, and we got lucky twice!  We have two new and extremely talented guys joining our currently-estrogen-leaning office to give our ranks a slight testosterone tilt.  The cool thing about our new team members is they are tailor made for this office and both fit my “perfect candidate” profile–passionate about their respective art and practicing it since they can remember.

Ross Abel just wrapped up four years at UT – Austin earning his B.A. in Fine Arts after initially intending to get his degree in computer science.   Ross invited us to view his and fellow classmates’ final projects at UT’s Senior Design Show ’07.  For his project, Ross had created a full marketing campaign for a would-be vegan restaurant, Roots.  Slick brochures, creative copy, and a wholly inventive project left us excited about having Ross on board, and we look forward to him setting new boundaries for the creative side of TDS.  The countdown is on for Ross’ start date in two weeks!

In a serendipitous and chance meeting, Stacy spoke with Lynn Rosier, Westlake High School’s computer science teacher, about our interest in hiring an intern over the summer.  He directed an extremely bright and gifted Jeff Wheeler our way, and this 16 year old kid was eager to start programming the day he walked in.  Jeff is geekier than our Scott, and lives and breathes code.  He visibly lights up when discussing hardware/software integration.  In what is sure to be a super relationship, Scott is looking forward to learning from this future electrical engineer, and vice-versa.

We’ll encourage our new guys to post their opininions, ideas, and know-how in the future, so stay tuned!

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  1. Emanuel

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