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Drupal Logout Destination

Drupal Logout Destination

Each time I logged out, I would be returned to a page that said, “You are not authorized to access this page.  There seemed to be a conflict with the access control for anonymous users (which upon logout, I became an anonymous user) and accessing the logout screen which seemed to be a “user only” page.

I have been working on a logout destination page.  As with other redirects based on requested pages, I had created a refresh page that directed users back to the home page in the page.tpl.php file:

 if ($_REQUEST['q'] == 'logout') {
        print ' ';

The problem with the redirect is that I would still see the same message.  And trying to modify the access control for node content worked, but introduced the same message on other pages.  I also tried calling logout?destination=somepage without success.

After a long darned time, I realized that the problem could be found in administer/site configuration/site information where the default front page was stored.  When I modified that to not be one of the node pages, and instead directed it back to index.php, we were set! 

2 thoughts on “Drupal Logout Destination

  1. Manish

    Hi Dawn,

    I have no experience installing/configuring Drupal. Just out of curiousity, why did you opt for Drupal vs WordPress? WordPress code base is very simple and easy to customize. Are there any special features in Drupal which are not possible to implement with WP?

  2. Dawn Post author

    Hey Manish!

    Just got this message, so I figured I’d make a way overdue response.

    We looked at Joomla and Drupal, because we needed to build a community or social networking site, and WordPress doesn’t have the features we needed. We also liked the customization of Drupal. It’s challenging, but it has a lot of great stuff out of the box.

    Take care! Dawn

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