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Phase Two: Week 1

Phase Two: Week 1

Well, we wrapped up our first full week (and a day) of Phase Two (post M&M era) with Scott Duff in residence. 

Scott knows code, understands processes, server issues, and all the geeky stuff that makes him worth his salt.  While he’s got a lot of learning to do when it comes to the general practice of business, here at TDS, we’re excited to have him on board just in time for year-end wrap up and new year goal setting! 

And speaking of end-of-year trends, every December Manish takes off for India leaving me to get a chance to revisit my roots–programming roots, that is.  Now, I won’t pretend to be a programmer, but I do know enough about code to navigate around and get our clients through any down time without Manish.  In doing my usual December coding, I was thrilled to see the advances Manish has made in his skills over time.  He really nailed down the tenets of programming making it easier for Scott to pick up the mantle and head onward without Manish.  I’m so appreciative of that.

Manish’s and Manasi’s adherence to good code also allowed Scott to avoid getting bogged down in trying to understand or cleanup old code.  With his ability to pick up where M&M left off, we’re just itching for Scott to get us caught up, so we can relax, learn, and play.

And what about December play time?  The holiday season always means the phones stop ringing, and we get to explore the ideas and and build the programs we’ve held at bay all year.  We’re busier than ever and the phones won’t stop!

More on Phase Two of TDS’ goals in the near future.  I’m just dying to pool ideas and collectively set some pretty ambitious goals!

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