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Managers, Leaders, and Bosses

Managers, Leaders, and Bosses

I won’t allow my coworkers to refer to me as “my boss.”  I can’t stand the term.  The word “bossy,” from which boss is derived, is defined in Merriam-Webster as “inclined to domineer” and synonymous with “dictatorial.”  That I am not!

On Thursday evening, I met a few friends for a beer at the Irish-themed Fado pub, and one of the young women present said that in addition to never having been thanked for her efforts, she commented, “I have had probably ten managers in my life, and not one of them has inspired me!” 

To me, those who “boss” are not managers.  And managers who dole out thankless assignments without inspiration are merely bosses and not leaders.  I’d like to believe that I help to inspire the people with whom I work, and I know they inspire me.  I also believe it is that rapport and respect for each other that make this business–and by extension, me–look good. 

My goal in the workplace is twofold:  help our clients realize the potential of their businesses with web-based applications, and to lead this phenomenal group of coworkers to such heights that their pride has them reaching even further. 

So the word “boss” is forbidden here.  We are coworkers and colleagues who take turns inspiring and leading each other.  I cannot imagine that our success is incidental to this core and fundamental respect. 

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