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Ubercart: “Javascript Enabled”

Ubercart: “Javascript Enabled”

For two days and many hours, I slaved over a Ubercart issue that insisted I must have “javascript enabled” in order to display missing credit card fields.  Posts on the Ubercart forum suggested I look for javascript errors that might conflict with the onclick display of the credit card pane.  I sought but did not find.

I finally began to remove page elements from our custom template to ferret out the problem.  Still the error persisted.  Finally, I removed the entire custom template, and lo and behold, the heretofore unseen credit card fields appeared.

The problem?  In our template, we needed to make one simple call:

< ?php $scripts ?>

This simple variable allowed javascript calls to be made and rendered on the page, but recognizing that fact took far too many hours. It’s these little issues that can make Drupal such a bear!

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