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Web Search API from Y!, Google and MSN

Web Search API from Y!, Google and MSN

Today, I was working on Web Search API provided by Google, Yahoo and MSN too. Developer’s life is so easy by these kind of API’s.

Still, I am looking for PHP serealized output from Google and MSN api’s, as Y! did for me :-)

I will update if I get any further information on this.

2 thoughts on “Web Search API from Y!, Google and MSN

  1. Manish

    yeah, in my old script I had to parse the html and reformat it according to our needs, but now because of web search API all I have to do is traverse through the resultset array and display it on the screen. Because I was not using web search API in my old script, everytime search engine changes its output format, there was a possibility of breaking my regular expression script which parses the search engine results. One more advantage of using web search API instead of parsing the search engine output is, there are nomore regular expressions in the script, hence it will run faster.

    Good job Manasi!

    BTW, It used to be in my list of things to do every month — “Fix TBot – Google or Yahoo”, I am hoping, once we are done implementing Google, and MSN api, there will be one less item in my todo list. :)Â

  2. Dawn

    Manasi and Manish–affectionately known around here as M&M, are referring to our ThunderBot mashup. We’ve had the TBot functionality for a year or more–before the term “mashup” became the new buzzword.

    TBot accepts a single or series of keyphrases for which you’d like your website found in search engines. Then we go out and read through the top ten listings of the Big Three search engines and test the search phrase against your website listing. Not only is this a useful tool to our SEO gurus, but our clients can connect to their webstats to see how they fared in search engines for the terms their visitors used.

    Test your own site on ThunderBot at And checkout the cool ‘bot icon Dan developed!

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