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eCommerce Websites Explained

eCommerce Websites Explained

Creating an online store

If E-commerce is the service needed, you will need to consider your goals and the market that you hope to target. In order to be successful in online sales, there are many factors to take into account when building a website specifically for Ecommerce, or online credit card processing. Listed below are some important points in the development of an E-commerce website.

View our ecommerce websites An eCommerce website requires an online shopping cart, the software View our eCommerce website design portfolio to actually add products to your site. We have developed a simple shopping cart that is easy to use, and best of all, it’s editable by you! We have given our clients the ability to update current products, add new products, or delete existing items from their websites. Upon completion of ecommerce development, our staff will provide training for ThunderCart, our shopping cart software. To see examples of our work and ThunderCart in use, take a look at our eCommerce website design portfolio.

The second component in a functional online shopping cart is the merchant account which allows the company to accept credit cards. In order to process those credit cards online, a corresponding Internet Gateway is required, which allows all credit card information to be processed securely. We have spent a great deal of time in research to provide a merchant account and Internet gateway with low monthly fees and minimal transaction percentages.

  • Product Pictures
Pictures are imperative when trying to finalize online sales. Short descriptions of the product are beneficial and useful, but are often not enough to convince the prospective buyer to complete the purchase online. We offer photography services, if needed, in the development of product pictures. We use software to enhance all pictures to demonstrate a high quality photo. One example to illustrate the power of pictures in E-commerce is the Online Store for ItaliaNiche. Pictures in this Ecommerce website offer a clean, professional appearance.

  • Professional Website Design and Appearance
Online credit card processing, or E-commerce, has the potential to raise sales dramatically. With so many online scams, online shoppers are skeptical when giving their credit card information online. A professionally designed website is an essential component of a successful E-commerce website. If a website does not appear professional, the company may seem too small to be selling legitimately, and website design could be a deterrent in closing the online sale.

Search engine optimization, ranking, placement, listing…no matter what you call it – results are vital. If your current website is not being found on the web on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN, the opportunity to sell your product online is limited to customers who already know your company and those who find your site from other promotional advertising (Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Commercials, etc). When planning to have a website designed, speak to the developers about the site’s potential to be listed in search engine rankings. Make sure to inquire about the difference between natural/organic listings and paid, or sponsored, listings.

There are several factors to consider when trying to decide what avenue is best for your company in planning to develop a website with an online store. At Thunder Data Systems, we have years of experience in dealing with the web and business ideas for online sales. Call us to discuss what type of online presence will best suit the your needs. We will help you proceed in an efficient and effective manner to facilitate the development of a website for online sales.

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