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With the online adjuster database, prospective adjusters can register and apply through the website to obtain a user name and password, upload their resume, and give information detailing their previous work experience and certifications.Insurance Adjuster Database This information is reviewed by case to determine whether or not the adjuster meets the criteria for approval to be a registered Brush Country adjuster. Brush Country staff can easily search through their approved adjuster list by name and state to find the adjusters living closest to the catastrophe in question.

In the event of an upcoming catastrophe, the staff will select the desired adjusters from their approved database and send an SMS alert, or a text message, to the cell phones of each adjuster notifying them to login to the website to accept or reject being on-call or on standby for the alert. Adjusters have the ability to keep their personal and contact information up-to-date as well as monitoring upcoming storms on a stand-by list for deployment.

Contact Us In the past, Brush Country had to stop their office work to begin calling each adjuster on at a time to find out if they were available. Now, the entire process can be handled in a matter of minutes through their online adjuster database. Their online adjuster database has helped in data storage and retrieval, time spent on the phones, and money saved in enormous monthly long distance phone bills during peak hurricane months.