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Kitchen on Wheels

Kitchens on Wheels creates custom mobile vending trailers for clients throughout the country. Every mobile kitchenContact Us or catering truck manufactured varies in equipment and upgrades based on the needs of the buyer. In order to manage the plethora of quotes generated via the website, we created a custom quote system that allowed interested customers to request a quote by selecting the equipment and features that were essential for their custom vending truck.

In February of 2006, we had designed the website to display the beauty of each catering unit. It was immediately dubbed one of the leading mobile vending truck websites in the industry. Initially, a simple online quote form facilitated potential client communication.

Quote request software

By June of 2006, Kitchens on Wheels was inundated with online quote requests, and a growing list of call-backs delayed new sales. It was time for the next step in growth and online development – a quote request web application and effective way to track customers and correspondence.

We took the original quote request form and added all features and equipment options to fully load a custom trailer. In the new application, upon submitting a Request for Quote, all information enters a database where the Kitchens on Wheels staff is presented with all new quote requests complete with all pricing filled in for each customized option. The Kitchens on Wheels staff need only enter labor and delivery to have the completed quote submitted back to the customer who had previously been emailed login information to access their online quote. Additionally, the customer login enables them to send all quesions and comments directly to the Kitchens on Wheels staff through the application thus reducing the phone calls to the office.

Finally, with each finalized specification for a new vending trailer, a report is automatically generated from the database displaying all of the equipment and quantities needed to construct the truck. In one more step towards greater efficiency, Kitchens on Wheels has a full tally of all new equipment orders ready for faxing to their vendors. The quote application serves as the main source for project management and customer relations tracking.