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Like a Carpenter

Like a Carpenter

After a long, interrupted day at the office of phone calls and emails due to our mass mail blunder today, I decided that I was due for a late night michelada (for our non-drinkers: i.e. a Dos Equis Beer with tomato juice, a lime, and a salted rim). 

This week marked my fourth year at Thunder Data, and January thankfully always brings our only quiet time of year to catch up and tie all loose ends.  At this time every year, we find ourselves with time on our hands to better our website and reflect on the previous year’s business sales, goals, and practices.  So, it is here I have found the time to inspect our own site for needed updates to our portfolio, page enhancements, search engine optimization and other general improvements. 

Like a carpenter’s home, our own site has sat neglected behind the day to day work of our clients.  So, with my laptop, great pub grub, and a michelada, our site received much needed attention.


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