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Small Victories

Small Victories

With the challenges we have faced with losing key staff members, I’ve had to step up–or perhaps I should say “step back”–and relearn some of the old programming and HTML code that started me off in this business.  When I told Scott that I was thrilled with the outcome of my first CSS/XHTML/PmWiki conversion in a long time, he said he needed to experience more of those “small victories.” 

Prior to November when M&M went off to Yahoo, I spent such a limited amount of time accessing code in secure shell that I often forgot the password to access it.  Now, I am finding happiness in remembering some of the old Linux command line stuff I learned in Dr. Donnelly’s class way back when.  Today, I thrilled in seeing the work created playing with opacity and z-index style attributes to create a nice little message box.  In short, I’m enjoying the learning process and the outcome of the lessons learned.

Tiny steps?  Yes!  Small victories?  Bigger yes!

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