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Getting It Right

Getting It Right

Companies strive–and sometimes succeed–in “getting it right”. Think Apple’s Ipod, Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings,” and Converse Chuck Taylors.

Campbell’s Soup is the maker of Prego spaghetti sauce, and it seems the company recently had a short violin piece commissioned to go with one of the Prego TV commercials. Hearing what was described as a “haunting” melody, I had to hear it myself.

The 30-second-spot score was written with the goal of evoking feelings of nostalgia for listeners. The positive response was so overwhelming that Campbell’s rescored it for a 3 minute download. It really is beautiful in its simple elegance.

But the amazing thing to me was how well Campbell’s nailed their goal. When I played the piece for Stacy and asked her what she thought, she said, “The music reminds me of an elegant ball in the post war years of the 1940’s and 50’s,” then added, “in Italy.” Now, that is getting it right!

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