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Who’s Next?

Who’s Next?

January, my 3 year anniversay with TDS.  We currently have 2 positions available to join our Austin team — a graphic artist and an applications programmer.  As a team, we have been doing a lot of brainstorming on our “ideal” candidates (too much during work time which I have been attempting to keep to a minimum, but our excitement for new talent gets the best of us).  Collectively, we have come to the conclusion that we are no longer interested in applicants with little experience (and a lot of heart), but which require training and time to get up to speed.  We desire talented, accomplished, and intelligent people to join our tight knit group — People that are able to start working with little to no training in their trade softwares or languages – mostly training in our business, our vision, and our core values. 

Individually, I have come to the conclusion that our newest team member must be confident.  I want to know that when our graphic artist or software programmer answers the phone, or contacts clients, that their knowledge is not only displayed through their outstanding portfolio, but in their communication skills and conversations that exude confidence. 

We have been going through the interview process for several days now and it is a relief to know that we actually have choices reagarding which qualified applicant we will decide to hire.  Not only for their breadth of knowledge in their field, their desire to learn, their interaction with us as a team, but also for the way that they carry themselves.   I don’t know yet who’s picture we will place next on the Team page, but I do know they will fit in with our mentality, style of professionalism, and willingness to share a few beers (or cokes) at the local pubs and breweries.  :)

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